Re—Union is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Madrid. We believe true value is created by connected people, not individuals.  Re—Union is where brilliant professionals reunite to collaborate and our craft communicates with the world.

R—U Manifesto

Towards a different design practice


Service, Branding and Digital, in symbiosis.

      More and more, our experience proves that these are the fundamentals of success in business today. By harmonising these 3 aspects, a brand can transcend barriers and be sustainable.


Tangible outcomes, created together.

      We defy to deliver presentations that get lost in your inbox. By collaborating closely and minimising consulting waste, we co-create direct impact.


Art nurtures us.

      Our collaboration is not driven by business pragmatics alone. We bring artistic sensibilities from various disciplines into our collaboration for memorable outcomes.


A responsible design practice.

      As we collaborate, we guide our explorations with awareness of societal impact. What we create together will be positive for you, and the world.